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How The App Works?

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It all starts when a food truck signs up on our vendors app. From there they are able to build their menu and submit their application. We then review that application and, if approved, they will be welcomed on to our platform. Once online, customers can then order their delicious food.


We keep track of where the food trucks are by using real-time geolocation from the owner's phone. This makes it possible for the customers to know exactly where the food truck is and which ones are closer. Convenience is key.


Once a customer finds the food truck they want, they place an order through our app. When ordering food, the customer gets to pick and choose what ingredients are with their meal so long as the food truck has it in stock. When the order is placed, the vendor will enter an estimated meal preparation time and our app will notify the customer with a countdown timer.


When the food is finally ready, the vendor will confirm it on their app. We will then send the customer a friendly notification stating that their delicious food is ready for pick-up, along with a QR code. When the customer arrives, the food truck owner will scan the QR code to confirm order.

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You, the food truck owners are the foundation to our app. The more food trucks we have, the more of a selection we have on our platform, in turn bringing you even more customers! Download the app and let’s start bringing more customers to you and making your customers happy.